Wet Room Design and Installation in Nottingham

If you are looking for a company that specialises in the design and installation of beautiful wet rooms in Nottingham, your search can stop now. Trent Valley Plumbing and Building Ltd are able to plan, fit and design all aspects of your wet room, where we have the expertise to ensure wonderful bathroom environments for you to go about your day-to-day business in.

Wet Rooms are practical in the way they work, allowing for easy access and navigation. They are excellent for people who struggle with bathing, and drainage systems mean that almost any part of the wet room can become wet without the worry of damaging the walls. In conventional bathrooms that have been painted, mould may form in areas that aren’t waterproof, but you don’t have this problem when you opt for a wet room. Make sure you don’t leave towels or toilet rolls lying around though if you don’t want them to get wet!

Trent Valley are able to work closely with you to ensure we design a wet room that matches the theme of your home, whether you live in a traditional or contemporary house. Wet Rooms date back decades upon decades and the fact they are still being used today means that they are a popular choice.

Choose Trent Valley for your Wet Rooms in Nottingham

With years of experience providing wet room design and installation in Nottingham, Trent Valley Plumbing and Building Ltd feel as though we should be first choice for all your wet room needs. Visit our gallery page and see for yourself how great your wet room can look.