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If you are looking for a company that specialises in the design and installation of beautiful wet rooms in Nottingham, your search can stop now. Trent Valley Plumbing and Building Ltd are able to plan, fit and design all aspects of your wet room, where we have the expertise to ensure wonderful bathroom environments for you to go about your day-to-day business in.

Why Should You Choose a Wet Room from Trent Valley Plumbing?

Wet Rooms are practical in the way they work, allowing for easy access and navigation. They are excellent for people who struggle with bathing, and drainage systems mean that almost any part of the wet room can become wet without the worry of damaging the walls. Building a quality wet room also involves installing anti slip flooring to help those who struggle with movement, move at their own pace without fear or concern over health and safety. In conventional bathrooms that have been painted, mould may form in areas that aren’t waterproof, but you don’t have this problem when you opt for a wet room. Make sure you don’t leave towels or toilet rolls lying around though if you don’t want them to get wet!

Trent Valley are able to work closely with you to ensure we design a wet room that matches the theme of your home, whether you live in a traditional or contemporary house. Wet Rooms date back decades upon decades and the fact they are still being used today means that they are a popular choice and a great solution to your bathroom needs.

Design of Your Wet Room

When you choose Trent Valley Plumbing & Building, we’ll work closely with you to create an effective wet room design that meets all of your requirements. We take into account your personal tastes, specific requirements and the budget you have available to ensure a high quality wet room installation that not only meets but exceeds your expectations.

Experts in Wet Room Installations

As one of the leading wet room installers in Nottingham, we have all the skills and knowledge needed to ensure a professional design and installation service is provided. Having designed and installed wet rooms for many years, we have developed a well-known reputation for the quality of the service we provide, in and around the Nottingham area.

Customer Testimonial

Professional Workmanship!

The approach was detailed and thorough and the standard was high throughout. Very skilled and professional team. Would definitely use Trent Valley again.

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Choose Trent Valley for your Wet Room Installation in Nottingham

When it comes to needing wet room installation in Nottingham, be sure to make Trent Valley Plumbing & Building your first port of call. With years of experience providing wet room design and installation in Nottingham, we’ll guarantee a high standard of service is provide. No matter what your requirements might be or the budget you have, we’ll create a wet room for you. Get in touch today and we’ll be happy to discuss your wet room installation needs.

Wet Room Installations in Nottingham FAQs

A ‘wet room’ is a part of a bathroom (or a full bathroom) or en-suite that has been waterproofed, is level with the rest of the room and is dedicated to showing. It essential refers to a space that is a walk in shower, with no bath boundaries. The walk in element of a wet room makes it the perfect option for those with difficulty bathing, or those wanting an easy bathing option that requires little maintenance.

A walk in shower or wet room opens up the entire bathroom space and gives the room a modern look and feel. It is also the most flexible option for your bathroom installations as you’re not restricted by the size of a bath or other furniture. A wet room is one of the most popular options across Europe thanks to the ease of use.

In short, yes! The only requirements are that we can chisel out a space for drainage pipes of around 75-80mm. If this is not possible, we have other options available. We can instead construct a timber frame to create the base of the wet room, that gives us enough space to work underneath and install the proper drainage systems.

Yes, of course! As long as you hire qualified and experienced engineers like ourselves, you can rest assured that your upper floor wet room is installed successfully, with the correct amount of waterproofing.

Creating your own wet room is a great solution for your bathroom needs. When it comes to cost, there are a few variable factors that we have to determine before we can give you a solid quote on the installation. The size of your bathroom, the wet room requirements, the features that are installed as part of your wet room, whether you would like a wet room installing on a concrete floor or on an upper floor level, and more. Our team can walk you through this though, step by step to make sure you get the bathroom of your dreams that you can trust to last years.

Yes! Underfloor heating can be installed underneath the base of the wet room and with the correct waterproofing installed, you can rest assured that you wont face problems further down the line with your heating.

The tanking process involved in the installation of a wet room is how we make sure that your wet room is and stay waterproof. Firstly we prime the space, making sure the whole room is completely dry, clean and dust free. We will install reinforcing tape to the waterproof membrane to make sure it is tightly fitted in place. Applying the waterproof membrane is the pivotal stage and will ensure that your wet room doesn’t leak. Starting with the flooring, we work our way up to make sure the whole space is water tight.

Offering Wet Room Installation Throughout Nottingham