Garage Conversion Nottingham

It is never an easy decision to have your garage converted into a bedroom but in some circumstances this is a necessity. As with all of our disabled adaptation projects we take pride in our work and great care in ensuring you receive only the best possible results from a company solely based and covering Nottingham. Some people find themselves deteriorating physically and rather than move to a bungalow or rely on other people for help find it easier to have their garage converted into a spare bedroom. Sometime this is done as a pre-emptive project as older age starts to show as it saves on future stress when we are less able to cope. In today’s society most people are happy to settle for a car parked on the driveway for the extra room in the house.

It is also another way to potentially increase the house value, adding an additional room to save moving or even give you an extra room such as a dining room if you do not already have one. The garage can be converted into almost anything you can think so give us a call today.


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Customer Testimonial

Professional Workmanship!

The approach was detailed and thorough and the standard was high throughout. Very skilled and professional team. Would definitely use Trent Valley again.

★ ★ ★ ★ ★

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