Multi-purpose Toilets for Disabled People in Nottingham

Trent Valley Plumbing are able to offer Bio Bidet Installation in Nottingham, where we can completely replace the current toilet seat you already have in place. Bio Bidets work as a multi functional system, where you have the ability to wash and blow-dry yourself after finishing on the toilet. This is a smart system, developed to help people who might struggle with certain elements of toileting. No longer will the toilet user have to use toilet paper. A simple press of a button will see your downstairs region washed and blow-dried in a matter of seconds.

Bio Bidets are also a clever way of saving space, eliminating the need for a separate bidet, which can often consume valuable bathroom space – especially in smaller bathrooms.

Why would you use a Bio Bidet?

Why wouldn’t you want to be as clean as you possibly could after using the toilet? You wash your hands don’t you? So why not wash the other parts of your body? It makes sense that you should clean yourself as thoroughly as possible after using the toilet.

Our private parts can be extremely sensitive, so the use of dry toilet paper seems almost stupid in some ways. The greatest gift on earth, water, is a much more sensible option to clean oneself, and Bio Bidets are an excellent way to achieve a high level of personal hygiene.

Unlike some other products, Bio Bidets are WRAS Approved, which means they have been approved by the Water Regulations Advisory Scheme. Products that connect to the mains water supply which haven’t been approved are illegal, as they have the potential to contaminate the water supply.

If you are looking for a company that specialises in Bio Bidets in Nottingham, get in touch with Trent Valley today and speak to one of our professional team regarding your needs for a multi-purpose toilet.


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